Published: 16/06/2017 09:00 - Updated: 21/06/2017 14:50

Keith TMSA Festival

Written byBecky Saunderson

Keith TMSA Festival held on June 10th. To order photos please call 01542 832265 or email and quote image no.038016.

Cassie Findlay plays the bagpipes in St Rufus Church
Cassie Findlay plays the bagpipes in St Rufus Church.


Eilidh Simmers
Eilidh Simmers.


Karla Stuart
Karla Stuart.


Kirsty Simmers
Kirsty Simmers.


Heidi Moir
Heidi Moir.


Kirsty Low
Kirsty Low.


Kimberely Orr
Kimberely Orr.


Kimberely Orr
Kimberely Orr.


Madison Ettles
Madison Ettles.


Laurel Morrison
Laurel Morrison.


Abbies Angels - Instrumental Group
Abbies Angels - Instrumental group.


Abbie Christie
Abbie Christie.


Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer.


Freya Main
Freya Main.


Roy Henderson
Roy Henderson.


Chloe McWilliam
Chloe McWilliam.


Chloe McWilliam
Chloe McWilliam.


Keryn Stronach
Keryn Stronach.


Kate Rettie
Kate Rettie.


Katie Hamilton
Katie Hamilton.


Abbie McWilliam
Abbie McWilliam.


Dodie Simmers
Dodie Simmers.


Cassie Findlay
Cassie Findlay.


Jemma Christie
Jemma Christie.


Kirstie Low
Kirstie Low.


Kirstie Low
Kirstie Low.


Ben Kidd
Ben Kidd.


Fraser Davidson
Fraser Davidson.


Neve Paterson
Neve Paterson.
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