Published: 22/08/2017 14:29 - Updated: 22/08/2017 14:37

Pirate Jeff Jones celebrates 50th anniversary with Tony Blackburn and other DJs

BUCKIE disc jockey Jeff Jones celebrated his days in Pirate Radio at a 50th anniversary bash in London.

Jeff Jones (right) with Tony Blackburn.
Jeff Jones (right) with Tony Blackburn.


Jeff, from Clochan, was a member of the Radio 270 team formed in 1965 and which broadcast from the former Dutch fishing vessel Oceaan 7 off the coast of Scarborough.

Former members of the station and other DJ's, including Tony Blackburn, met in London to mark the 50th anniversary since a ban on pirate radio.

Jeff said: "It was a very emotional experience. I don't think anyone involved with pirate radio from when it was started by Radio Caroline ever thought it would end up as a major period in history - a game changer for radio."

Jeff went on to become one of the youngest ever principal teachers of chemistry at Buckie High, founded the original Buckie Radio and was a presenter on Moray Firth Radio.

For the full story see the Banffshire Advertiser print version.

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